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Endoscopy Services

  • Upper GI endoscopy
  • Treatment of GI bleed
  • Ulcer bleed : sclerotherapy, coagulation, endoscopic clipping
  • Variceal bleed: variceal band ligation, endoscopic sclerotherapy
  • Glue injection for fundal varix
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy – putting a tube into the stomach
  • Colonoscopy
  • Biopsy of lower GI cancers and for inflammatory conditions
  • Polypectomy - removing polyps from the lower part of the gut
  • Pancreatic
  • Sphincterotomy – cutting an opening to the pancreas that has become too small.
  • Nasopancreatic Drainage – putting a drain into the pancreas
  • Nasojejunal feeding tube placement
  • Endoprosthesis – metallic stenting of esophageal and duodenal strictures
  • Storz Professional Image Enhancement system (SPIE): Virtual chromoendoscopy to enhance visualization of tumors not seen on white light endoscopy and for early detection of cancer
  • Heater Probe Application
  • Dilatation of esophageal, gastric, duodenal strictures:dilating the GI tract where there is a narrowing.
  • Pneumatic Dilatation – dilating using special air pressure for achalasia cardia
  • Foreign body removal from the GI tract (Removal of swallowed coins, safety pins, dentures, magnets etc)
  • Enteral Tube Placement – putting a feeding tube in.
  • Nasogastric feeding tube placement
  • Enteral Stent Placement is putting in a metallic stent that holds open narrowed areas.
  • Treatment of lower GI bleed
  • Stent Placement – Plastic or metallic
  • Stricture Dilatation
  • Pancreatic Stenting - putting a stent into the pancreas
  • Polypectomy – removing polyps from the gut. These are small growths with a stalk like a mushroom in the wall of GI tract
  • Virtual Chromo-endoscopy (SPIE – see above)
  • Therapeutic ERCP
  • Biliary
  • Sphincterotomy
  • CBD Stone Removal
  • Nasobiliary Drain

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  • 1st floor, Hariyana House,
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